The world is moving towards well-being

In today’s era of well-being, the clarity of our emotional and mental states and the clarity of our essence is the key to lead a joyful life. We all desire to live a happy life, but we don’t always know how? We are frequently preoccupied with work, and as a result, we lose out on understanding our mind patterns and seeking for true self.

Because of ignorance towards our mind patterns and emotional stability we are dealing with anxiety, trust issues, the need to prove ourselves, and unhappiness & our relationships are suffering greatly these days. The way we deal with stress is often by entertaining ourselves with movies or trips but after some days we are stuck with the same stress. Don’t you feel that we have to know our aspects and our own depth at once for our lifetime?

Understanding yourself wholly is the solution.

Are you aware of your mental patterns? Do you recognise why we limit ourselves and live a compromised life? What’s keeping you from living a joyful life? The better you understand yourself, the higher your consciousness will naturally rise, allowing you to live your life to its utmost joy.

Conscious talk: Transformations and Tools

Conversation wherein you connect with your higher self. Shoonyo’s advice on how to unlock your mind patterns and how to live with clarity. Series based on the integration of our physical nature and our divine being. Wake up. Realise consciousness. Accept yourself. 

  1. Through ‘Conscious talks with Shoonyo’ you will
  2. Bring clarity on the working of the mind-mechanism
  3. Bring harmony to your health, work and relationship
  4. Find out Who you are in your essence.
  5. Resolve your deepest questions and thereby blossom your physical reality. 
  • Introduce you to methods to drill down into your own mind and habit-patterns and powerful ways to release those.
  • Bring to light the harmony that is ever available and simple meditations to start accessing it to make our reality blossom with love and happiness.
  • Introduce you to contemplation that brings your essence to your experience.
  • Dates: Every Sunday
  • Time: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm IST
  • Contribution: Rs. 1600/- Only
  •  Online Event: Zoom Software
You will be also benefitted with

1.Recordings of the session will be available to you for next few days

2.Live interaction sessions with Shoonyo

3.Whats app and technical support from Shoonyo Foundation

The Facilitator

Shoonyo is a Self-discovery facilitator and mentor. He has been guiding spiritual seekers from all over the world since 2012.

In 2019 Shoonyo authored the book ‘Looking for the Obvious’, an enchanting spiritual journey of love, death and resurrection. He is amazon bestselling #3 author and is cherished by elite readers. He is an honourable board member of India’s only NLP board (IBHNLP). He is a co-founder of Shoonyo Foundation that in the last decade has inspired and enriched 1000s of lives all around the globe.

Who can attend the program?

If you are someone:

  • Who wants to raise your consciousness in work and relationships?
  • Who desires to constantly be in a contemplative state to enhance your spiritual growth?
  • Who would you like to discover your highest potential?

… then these conscious talks are for you.