How do anxiety, fear, and procrastination become limitations in our lives?

So, when we talk about anxiety or fear, and its impact, a person who's anxious or afraid is able to see the impact only in the tangible areas where they have to confront it. At work, they're confronting something and they can tangibly feel the impact of it. However, there are some intangible effects as well.

Effects in Relationships:

Usually, the impact runs deep at an unconscious level and affects every single part of our lives. 'Every single part' of our lives because we as human beings are "one". We are not different at work and we don't become different human beings all together when we are in a relationship.

The only reason we don't see it in relationships is probably because the other person is supporting us enough. It's not their responsibility alone to create harmony in the relationship.

If we are in an anxious state or worried, we are not giving our full quality time to the person. We are probably demanding some support from them unconsciously, and it is good that they are probably giving us that support, but the amount of harmony without anxiety and fear is huge and immense. Contributing to bring that harmony is equally our responsibility as well. 

So lots of our life parts get affected unknowingly. These are intangible to us. Many times we procrastinate working on ourselves. We think ‘it's okay’ to delay a little, but life's passing by in that amount of time. In some areas of life, you can't just afford life passing in an unconscious way.

Consider your relationship with your child and in early childhood if we don't create that deep bond with the child, which is free of such clutter of anxiety or fear or worry. That will be projected for the rest of our lives.The depth of the bond can be created in early childhood itself. Otherwise, you won't be able to create it later. 

So that's the huge impact. It's intangible. We can't see what we can’t see. That's how it's going to impact you. You won't realise what you missed; the bond that was possible.Maybe we won't know what went wrong, but sure we can do whatever best we can and remove the impact of our anxieties, fear, or procrastination.

Why do we put ourselves last?

We sometimes don't give ourselves the complete opportunity to work on ourselves. Maybe we think we don't deserve it. If it was our child, we would have spent a huge amount of money, time and energy towards their studies and other things. 

We don't think we deserve enough to go spend that much energy focusing on ourselves. 

Imagine the amount of work we could do for our child. Once we see our own unconscious patterns, how these anxieties and fears are created, we know how to come out of them. Then the very first symptom of such a thing happening with our child and we can guide them through it to come out of it. So we spent the last 20 to 30 years of our lives miserable, suffering through these problems and limiting our potential. It's something that our children don’t have to go through. The amount of progress our child will make in his life as a result of your contribution is incredible. They wouldn’t be stuck in limiting beliefs and fears.That can happen only when we work on ourselves.

So, these things need to be understood before we make the choice to not do anything about our anxieties, fear, and procrastination. Not to work on ourselves is a choice. Inaction is a choice. Not working on procrastination and procrastinating working on procrastination, it's a choice. 

So that’s the bit I wanted to share about unconscious patterns and anxiety issues that we face. Working on ourselves brings clarity to our lives and also intangibly affects all areas and relationships in our life.

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