How should we take actions in present moment?

This is how my best looks right now

A well known athlete who did the impossible possible in the Olympics was once interviewed. In his final race, the situation was such that he was in 10th position when they began the race and he won a gold medal for the match. The interviewer wanted to know the thoughts that were going on in his mind, he asked, “The body being capable, would not be enough to achieve this kind of result; When you started running from the last rank, what was going on in your mind? How did you get from the last position to the first position during the race?” And his response was astonishing, he said, “At any point in the race, I was giving my best, so, I was focused on giving my best in my action. I was just focused on giving my best, and what was running through my mind was – this is how my best looks right now”. When he was 10th, his mind goes, “this is how my best looks right now”. Then, he crosses one person, he becomes 9 and his mind is still saying, “this is what my best looks right now”. There is no comparison. There is no end goal or end result in mind. “This is how my best looks right now”. And, he keeps running, crosses 9 people ahead of him & comes first. That’s incredible, isn’t it?

You have all the freedom to try and escape the inevitability of love. Go take your time.

Have you experienced slow motion in real life?

In the movie “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag”, I loved one of the scenes, it so happens that Milkha has his foot injured because of some reason and he cannot wear shoes and socks. He has to run a particular race & his coach asks him to give up, skip this race, don’t run this race because you’ll hurt yourself more. But he goes “No, I’m going to run”. He keeps his shoes away and runs the race without wearing shoes. Now, they made this entire scene of him running the race, they’ve made it into a slow motion.

This is related to our experience of being in the present moment. In our lives, we experience certain moments in slow motion. This happens when we are really present to something – We observe everything, We see everything, as if time has slowed down. There is immense power in being observer, that’s the effect the film makers subconsciously want to give us through the movie scene, hence the slowing down. So, this entire scene of his race has been slowed down, and in the background, they run a particular prayer towards Guru Nanak.

But the point is, in that slow motion, what they’re showing is, he is so much into the present moment, that he’s running without shoes, both his feet are injured, he is bleeding and he keeps on running; his whole focus is only on the joy of running. At the end, astonishingly he wins the race & not just that he also makes a new national record it’s an incredible scene which emphasizes again on the present moment.

What do we do in the present moment?

What we do (or should be doing) in the present moment is that, with the clarity about what are the actions we are supposed to take, we declare those actions and pursue those actions and not let ourselves slip into the (actions based on) conditioning. When we see conditioning, that is the space we are not supposed to go to, whether in thoughts or actions.
If these are the actions we are supposed to take, which are either our essential duties or our natural desires, we stick to those actions, and we’ll see that we save a significant amount of energy during the day. What do you do with so much time and energy? Well, take more actions on your natural desires or just have fun. Enjoy, meditate.

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