Law of Inclusion

The Universe operates based on laws. These laws can be discovered using observation, if not intuition. One of such laws is the 'Law of Inclusion'. 

The Universe that we experience it, has variety/multiplicity as one of its key characteristics. None of these varieties of aspects are in conflict with each other. Every part forms a piece in the variety to form the whole. The pieces that seem to be opposites to us, most likely support one another by creating a contrast. This way seemingly opposite pieces are actually in a hidden harmony with each other. A black board forms a background for a white chalk to write on it. Every piece is only a different expression of the universe on the scale of its expression. It is not contradictions but paradoxes that really exist, know more about paradox from "Looking for the obvious". Contradictions create a division in the mind, sometimes even conflicts. With a paradox though, both seemingly opposite pieces make sense, enhancing each other's presence. When the whole picture is missed reality looks fragmented and full of contradictions. The ability of seeing the bigger picture reveals the paradoxes and the nature of Mystical Reality becomes apparent. 

Further, Mystical Reality is to be lived in daily life like an open eyed meditation and not just experienced for a few moments in a closed meditation room.

Law of

What is the Law of Inclusion?

 The Law of Inclusion is a universal law proposed by Shoonyo and the law says that the universal expression includes all its variety with equal importance. The universe by its very nature excludes nothing, includes everything. Even things that have not yet collapsed in physical reality are included as a quantum possibility in the multiverse. 

Why is this Law important in our life?

The collective consciousness has brought us to the brim of going beyond just material world and exploring Mystical Reality. The seekers exploring the path of Mystical Reality consistently keep aligning themselves to the laws of the universe. This way they become free of their identities and let the universe play through them ie. they become a part of leela. This law being understood and implemented in various aspects of life, its understanding brings us to a possibility of applying the law to practical life. We can align with the universal way of being in the middle of our work, relationship and other pursuits, without having to abscond to a cave and meditate there.

It takes courage to explore, to face the toxic traits in us

Practical Spirituality - Areas of life to be conscious in:

The fact that a law is Universal means that it operates in all the areas of life. For the sake of physical reality, when working on ourselves, we can bring our attention to various aspects of our life and observe the operation of this law. Below are a few aspects of life that could be beneficial to many:

  • Self-discovery: One of the most common mistakes seekers make on the path of self discovery is wanting to self-improve or better ourselves, become a better version of ourselves. The moment we want to improve we are in denial of certain parts of us and treat those parts as inferior. The struggle of losing the inferior parts and imbibing more of superior parts then begins. Here we are not in alignment with the ‘Law of Inclusion’. The universe in it’s play has given rise to and taken the shape of all that we are whether we feel it’s clean or messy. Unless we do not gently and lovingly accept all these parts of ours, freedom from all these parts and their operation remains challenged.
  • Relationships: We want to develop a relationship and come close to each other. In doing so, many times we find something common between one another, whether it is a hobby or an interest. This common ground then becomes the basis of the relationship. This basis though is a limitation. A relationship will not remain thrilling enough if newer aspects are not explored. Further for a more conscious relationship, unless a sense of loving all the aspects of a person, (all-inclusive) is not allowed, a relationship cannot fully blossom. To really celebrate a relationship being aligned to the law of inclusion is fundamental. Hence the term ‘loving unconditionally’.
  • Powerful actions: When unclear of how the universe operates through us, we entertain the tendencies of the mind. This tendencies will trap us under hypnotised state. These tendencies have no loyalty towards a direction and hinder our consistency. Hence, although a lot of effort is put, no real work is done, actions remain scattered in all directions and power is lost. With clarity on the Law of Inclusion, distractions dispel, actions become powerful and our commitment becomes unstoppable.
  • Mystical Reality: We use the senses (the body) to access physical reality. The information that the senses gather and the way it is processed by the mind and the intellect is usually categorised and classified for better understanding. These categories soon start taking a shape of filters like beliefs, opinions, judgements, perspectives, past experiences, generalisations, assumptions etc. The information soon is no longer received in its purest form. This necessarily makes our experience of life unclear and fragmented. The Law of Inclusion calls for trusting a higher intelligence (intuition) that doesn’t compulsively use the logical intellect but stays still and silent to let the wholesome experience of life to reveal itself. Living in alignment with the Law of Inclusion means letting the law live and bring fluidity of experiences in our life, uncategorised, unclassified, wholesome. This is the key to live larger than physical reality and experience the subtleties of life force and it’s flow. 

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The power of observer

Way ahead: 

Observation is our true friend when it comes to understanding the universal laws or to understanding Mystical Reality. Rushing into applying a law could be a half baked approach. Observation brings ripeness enough to naturally let go of the unnecessary and imbibe the obvious. In this way actions become powerful and yet instead of taking the credit of the actions the consciousness acknowledges the Mystical Reality operating through us as the plan of the Universe.

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