Do you have the courage enough to declare your Commitment through words?

“The power of your commitment decides the power of your words”. Be the commitment for something, a stand for it and your words have the power of a seer.

“The power of your commitment will decide how much power your words have”. The more lamely we start using our words, the less power our words have. When people say, there was a Rishi (a seer) and he cursed some person which came true,that's the power in words. If he or she literally uses certain words against someone,that person's life gets impacted to the extent that he/she can fall ill or can die. That's the Power of Words. 

Where did this power come from, within the Rishi? 

It came from the clarity he had about what to say and what not to say, he might have been in silence for ages. So much so, that he is very clear about what he does, what he thinks.There's a lot of clarity, so his thoughts have power. Now when he uses the specific word that word carries so much of power. That it starts impacting physical reality, without him taking actions. You just say something and it is so powerful that it happens. 

This is just an example of, what can be the power of words.


Similarly,the blessings had power in olden days. Nowadays, everybody says, “be blessed”,“I wish you good health”, but in olden days when somebody said “I wish you good health” there was an immense amount of power in the words– the other person would get healed.


Where did this power come from? Now days it’s not true, because most of us don't seem to be using our words consciously, with the power of commitment.


“When you say something mean what you say, say only something you mean otherwise don't say it”. There's no need to use words.

Taking Stand for the Commitment

When a person is committed, he is a stand for something – which all of us can be, by the way, all of us can be a stand for something and we speak up for it.


Let’s look at an example. I've written a book called Looking for the obvious”. The primary editor of this book is Richard.Richard is a man of his word & he has always been a stand for equality. He believes in equality, so much so that it once happened that we were at a social gathering,and there was a couple – a boyfriend and girlfriend.The boyfriend was speaking loudly, in an appropriate way to his girlfriend. In a way, he was insulting his girlfriend in front of this entire group, which was not acceptable. But then, they are in a relationship, who's going to say something to them?

Richard stood up, he literally stood up from his seat on the sofa and he stands up and says to this guy,“you cannot say this, you're not supposed to speak in this way to this lady”.

Guy says,“Back off. She's my girlfriend. I'll speak to her the way I want to speak to her”. Richard goes,“she may be your girlfriend, but this is not happening in my presence. You cannot abuse her. You cannot insult her in my presence. I am a stand for equality and I'm not letting this happen in my presence”.

 Richard is a very slim guy & his age is 65 and the other guy is bulky, he must be a gym freak or something. He was big, but the power of commitment that Richard has towards equality and the power with which he speaks “this is not happening in front of my eyes”, the guy backed off. He was like, “okay, fine! doesn't matter”, he was upset but he backed off. Here is one powerful tool to embed power of commitment in your life: Thought-Word-Action

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Where does motivation/action come from?

Keeping other aspects neutral, the power of commitment does come up in your words. And that's the very next step we have to take in order to bring this into physical reality, in order to take massive actions in physical reality.

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