Powerful tool for being Unstoppable at Commitments: Thought-Word-Action Alignment

Bring Clarity in thoughts: First thing of Unstoppable Commitment

In order to bring things into physical reality, as human beings, we use is language. When we want to share something with others, we use language, we use words. If we have an idea, and want to transmit it to someone, we use words & language – unless some of us are started using telepathy!

So far, others have been carrying a certain perspective of us, for example, XYZ has a certain definition about us. What we have started doing is, we have started transforming ourselves, having more clarity around actions – what actions am I supposed to take? What is my life all about? What is my natural desire? What is the direction of my natural desire?

Start saying what you think. Start doing what you say

Change people’s perspective towards you

Others around us may still have a perspective of us based on the actions that we have taken in the past, which were based on conditioning. 80% of our actions were based on conditioning, they were unnecessary actions & temptations, and that’s how others read us. If we want to manifest ourselves as a transformed being in this real world, then we’ll have to shift that perspective of theirs, we can do this through language.

Me working on my actions individually, versus, me sharing about ‘my idea about myself’, ‘how I see myself’, with others, changes their perspective towards me.

Why is this sharing required?

We’re talking about other human beings. We are talking about balls of energies; life forces around us. One Life Force “me” wanting to bring something in reality, versus multiple life forces energetically supporting me in doing what I want to do, there is a difference. Do you see there’s a difference in me getting support through power of words from others, energetically, when their perspective shifts?

Rosenthal’s effect

Rosenthal’s effect is a phenomenon in which, when a group of people looks at someone with an expectation (of growth, of transformation), just the energy of that expectation shifts something in that person. It makes him grow, there is mental & emotional shift. There is a shift in the being and he is more likely to grow, more likely to progress. Learn more through the law of inclusion.

 How do we implement this?

Using words and language is the answer. In the chain of elements thoughts-words-action, Words are the bridge between thoughts and actions. Once we have clarity of thoughts it is words that set our context and gather energy in physical reality.

That’s how there is no leakage of energy. Have a clear flow from your thoughts to words and from your words to actions.

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Powerful transformation tool: Thoughts-Words-Action

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