About Us


"To awaken people from the temporary aspect of life, so as to enable them to unplug from the temporariness, and ground as the awakened ones."

Established in 2012, Shoonyo Foundation has touched thousands of people across the globe to find clarity in life. The organisation has been a lighthouse for youth, spiritual seekers and for people with mental health challenges. Shoonyo Foundation Philosophy: Our devious mind has held us hostage and has cast a spell on us, hence all our life problems. Shoonyo Foundation guides you to break the spell of this mind and discover who you are so that you live with clarity.

Primarily, Shoonyo Foundation focuses on three areas:

Youth Development:

To realise the potential of the subconscious mind and chanalise this unlimited source of energy towards ones’ life purpose. At the same time be rooted in oneself through Meditation.

We teach youth:

» Sankalp Shakti: The power of commitment (ancient Indian secrets)
» Self-hypnosis: Know your deeper states 
» The power of subconscious mind: Unleash the universal power in you
» Sthirta - the unshakeable mind: Having peace of mind even in a stressed environment
» Sanskaar: Removal of the unwanted blockages and habit patterns
» One-to-one communication secrets: Make every single communication count powerfully
» International stage skills: Projecting yourself as a leader
Youth Programs: Shoonyo Foundation

Spiritual Seekers:

These courses and programs liberate people from mind games and help them bring clarity to who they are beyond the body and the mind.

We Offer:

» Be Meditative in the midst of Chaos: Learn to be rooted in a meditative state even when you are in the marketplace. Even in the most challenging times of your life, maintain your calm.
» Unlock the Mystical realm: Discover the Mystical and Universal energy flowing through you, guiding you to take the most powerful actions with ease.
» Access your supernatural powers: Supernatural powers like intuition, sixth sense and distance viewing open their doors to us as a direct result of this meditation.

Spiritual Program: Shoonyo Foundation

Mental health:

Groups in the corporate sector and individuals otherwise have found relief from the contemporary problems like stress, depression and anxiety. Shoonyo Foundation helps declutter the mind and settle into the quietness within.      .

We offer:

» Cure from Depression & Anxiety: Depression & Anxiety are two of the key mental health problems faced across the globe. We work with the premise that we, as a society, are civilized only if we can support ourselves and each other to bring mental health. This is possible with the right knowledge and a healthy emotional and spiritual grounding. This programme will get the participants to experientially resolve their mental health and guide them towards spiritual grounding.
» Relief from Stress: This workshop helps you to discover the unique patterns through which you accumulate stress. It will also show you good as gold secrets to not just identify these patterns but also reverse them.These are an experiential method that allows one to stay fully awake & calm and yet perform with excellence even in the midst of difficult situations.

About Shoonyo

Shoonyo is a Visionary & Spiritual Facilitator. After 18 years of meditations and extensive research into mind powers, healings and spiritual practices, he started guiding fellow seekers on the path.

Leaving his promising international corporate career in London behind, he has been supporting seekers to meditate mind through the medium of talks, retreats and written media.

Shoonyo’s life remains dedicated towards this cause. His approach does not ascribe to any belief system, but offers methods for self-transformation that benefits his growing tribe.    



A non-stop 110 days of daily meditation benefited over a hundred people – 2019
First Meditation Center Pune – 2018: Inauguration of the first meditation center in Ravet, Pune – 2018

First Booklet – 2018

Publication of the first booklet “Notes from the Unknown” – 2018


Shoonyo Foundation launches programs on four paths of Gyan Dhyan, Karm, and Bhakti in 2017

1000+ lives inspired -2016

1000+ lives inspired by the work of Shoonyo Foundation – 2016


South of India tour gathering interest of various participants in retreats conducted (Mumbai, Bangalore, Auroville, Pondichery, Tiruvannamalai) in 2016

In 2015

Shoonyo Foundation tours in India across four states (Delhi, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Uttarakhand) in 2015

March 2013

First programme conducted in India in March 2013.


First luxury retreats conducted in Spain and in Colchester, UK in 2012-13

Since 2012

Shoonyo Foundation takes shape when conducting meditation sessions in Kent, UK in 2012