One-One with Shoonyo | Coaching & Mentoring
We look at successful icons or couples for motivation. However, most successful icons achieved what they did by following their inner guide and not getting motivated by another icon. This ability to find the most natural direction from our deeper connection with yourself can be discovered within you.

What is available?

1. Gain clarity on expressing and receiving love in life.
2. Bring courage and harmony into your life and relationship.
3. Discover simplicity and balance in life.
4. Experience wholesome fulfilment.
5. Align to universal harmony and see your limitations falling away effortlessly.
6. Witness all your actions unfolding from your deepest truth.

What does One-One with Shoonyo do?

a. Resolve the deepest questions that a human being can have and see the effects unfolding in your physical reality. 
b. Equip you with tools to drill down into your own mind and belief systems, understand your habit-patterns and powerful ways to release those. 
c. Bring to light the harmony that is ever available and how we can start accessing it to make our reality blossom with love and happiness.
d. Introduce you to meditations and contemplation that bring your Essence to your experience.

About Shoonyo:

 Shoonyo, India’s leading Self-discovery facilitator and mentor. He is an internationally recognised speaker, who, over the last decade, has inspired and enriched thousands of lives all around the globe. His book “Looking for the Obvious” is celebrated amongst the most elite readers of the spiritual fiction genre. Shoonyo holds a black belt in Martial Arts. He is an honourable board member of India’s only NLP board (IBHNLP). He is a co-founder of Shoonyo Foundation that actively works towards recognising temporary aspects of oneself and awakening into one's own Essence.

People who have experienced transformation
Neelam One-One with Shoonyo Testimonial