What is desire? How to avoid the trap of desire ?

Stay as Consciousness and you will see that actions are happening by themselves anyway. There's energy and the energy has to flow in a particular direction. The direction is also set, that's why they say it's all predestined. Destiny is already created. We're not creating anything new.

Consciousness is everywhere. Ansh (Soul) can be said to be a product of Consciousness with a desire in a particular direction. Ansh has the power to manifest into the body. The vasana or the energy in one particular direction that can still exist.

Now Ansh has to go through this journey of releasing this energy in a particular direction because ultimately it is consciousness.

What creates the human journey?

This journey is the combination of Consciousness and the vasanas (Desire or energy in a particular direction). So the release of this energy is required. Now, in the middle of this release, consciousness can become conscious of itself. It can be thrown back to itself. And the need for the concept of “I have to fulfill this” can get suspended. 

The release can still happen, but from a very free space. Without calling it my release or I'm releasing this. The Entity of ‘I’ is not required anymore. 

Spiritual article: How to avoid the trap of desire

“Desire is a trap, desirelessness is moksha”

Although Gautam Buddha says that “ Desire is a trap & Desirelessness is Moksha”, when living as consciousness becomes possible in any body-mind mechanism, desire is no more a trap. Desire can be seen as releasing itself. Without engaging in it, without calling it mine.

Some desires would fall by themselves, if the desires are not so strong. Some desires will remain and will fall only after fulfilling or might take longer to fall away. Learn how to take powerful actions towards to those desires.

This question of how to deal with desire still comes from a standpoint of either ‘I would like to control what happens to the desire’ or a belief, ‘I cannot be free until I fulfil desire’. 

So what you can really do is:

Stay as Consciousness, you will see that actions are happening by themselves anyway. Because there's energy and the energy has to flow in a particular direction. The direction is also set, that's why they say it's all predestined. Destiny is already created. We're not creating anything new.

Energy or (Vasana) has taken birth to release itself in a particular direction, which means the direction is set. Vasana is a vector quantity. It's not a scalar quantity. It comes with energy and direction both. Now, it is going to be released in a particular direction, anyway. 

What are we then creating on the way? Nothing, except thoughts around what is perceived to be happening? Or concepts around what is happening? 

The vasana or the energy can release itself in the stipulated Direction. In the predestined direction without us creating so many thoughts around it, anywhere without us creating the concepts anyway. In order for this to happen, we have to find a way to not get so much into the thinking and decision-making process; which means not to suspend our thinking mind and our intellect and stay as the Consciousness that we are. 

Stay awake to what is happening and stay awake to see who is awake. So fall back into being awake. 

We presume that we have the power or we have the control of doing certain things and that's where we mess up. Because this “I” that thinks it has the power of doing something is illusory. It has got created on the way because of the overlap of the body and consciousness. 

The illusory entity has been created out of the power extracted from consciousness. It can think & it can create concepts. It doesn't have its own power to even create concepts. 

That's how the game operates through our mind tendencies. So, not taking that one step into defining the ”I” which will then make all the relationships in the physical world is the way out; not taking that one step and staying as consciousness. Letting what happens happen. Letting the predestined actions keep happening. That's the exact process. 

Every path of spirituality leads us to this space.

Bhakti Marg: Surrender yourself. Let God take care of everything which means you don't struggle, you don't keep control of it.

Karm Marg: You are a Nimit (non doer), you are medium and God is working through you.

Gyan Marg: In the essence you are Consciousness. You are the Supreme. Stay as sakshi or witness. And through witnessing, you see that there is only light. What really exists is only the light. 

So any path we take endeavours to remove the “I” appears but doesn't exist, and leaves us “before the seen” and lets the scene happen in front of us. You can be aware of what's happening and stay disengaged. The entity that appears to be engaging so much into what's happening starts losing its grip.

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Only when it roots itself into consciousness, it gets the power to manifest, grow, create concepts and create a world of its own, creating a blurred vision between the physical reality and perception.

The concept of “I” once it's uprooted from consciousness and thrown away, what remains is pure consciousness and happening. Happening or the changeable world is not an obstacle it doesn't pollute consciousness. Consciousness keeps changing in shape and form. 

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