The two direct and simple methods for spiritual awakening for everyone

Mind and thoughts are slightly subtler than physical reality, but still noticeable. So keeping reminded that I'm not the thoughts and not the body, is one of the ways. Keep saying, no, and rejecting anything that arises, anything that can be noticed, to be eternal.

How do we come out of this tendency of the mind? or tendency of the ego?

Neither make an attachment nor resist the play of consciousness; See that things arise in nature, things play and things dissolve. What do we do?

There are two methods of realising what is beyond the nature of the changeable realm, to get aligned with nature again:

Accept everything as it is

Reject everything that is noticeable

Two simple and direct paths of spirituality: Acceptance and Rejection

Everything in nature is changeable. And there is something which is beyond the changeable nature of things. Something that is beyond the reach of the program of nature. To reach the space which is beyond nature, which does not have a start and end, which remains forever,

there are two different methods: 

One method is Accept everything as it is:

Accept everything as it is, things come, things go, things play. Accept everything as it is in its fullness. Just keep accepting everything as is, let the play happen. Just watch the way things (all changeable experiences) come when they come when they leave, we have to do nothing with anything at all. This is a method which is soft like the path of bhakti, a very soft path. Allow everything, surrender yourself to everything, that is let everything play.

But this is a difficult path. Surrendering to everything as it plays is not that straightforward. Only a very mature seeker (saadhak) is able to let go into the nature of things.. So, the first method is to accept everything. Here are some zen stories to support it.

Second method is reject everything that is noticeable:  

The other method is to reject everything. Rejection and resistance are two different things, resisting something is not rejecting. Resisting something is wanting something to not happen. Rejecting is just mentally and from our being saying no to it, recognising it is not what we are looking for. When we say no to it is as this is not it, recognising that it is not eternal, recognizing it to be changeable.

So anything that arises, plays and dissolves, recognize it as changeable and reject it as being eternal. This is not eternal because the whole point of the exercise is to reach a space which is eternal, which just does not change. So anything that is noticeable, anything that has arisen will fall. Keep rejecting it as not being Eternal. This process is also called Neti-Neti. Keep saying no to everything that rises and falls, everything that is changeable.

Everything that is even noticeable, anything that can be noticed has an objective value. It has an objective sense to it and the more things can be noticed the more strongly we know things the more objective those things are. So the body is very objective or gross. The more gross things are, the more strongly we are able to notice them. This means I am not the body. The mind and thoughts are slightly subtler, but still noticeable. So, I'm not the thoughts either. Keep seeing and saying no to reject anything that arises, anything that can be noticed to be non-eternal. 

Keep going until at one point you hit upon something or something reveals itself, which cannot be rejected, which is not objective anymore, which is where all the objects were being observed from, which is where all the objects come from and dissolve back into. Until then keep rejecting everything. 

Become the one which is before the entire play begins:

These are the two methods, either accept everything as a play or reject everything in the mind. When we accept everything the very sense of accepting everything is opening arms for everything to play. So, we become the container within which everything can play. We become the one which is before the entire play begins and that's how we reach the space in which everything can be seen rising and falling. Read our book "Looking for the obvious" for better understanding of self.

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When we keep rejecting everything, we finally come across or hit upon something that cannot be rejected. The end of everything. 

So whether we call it the source or we call it the end. It's the same thing. But the first method takes us to the source which lives, which is alive, which contains everything that arises and falls. The second method takes us to a point where we the unchangeable that cannot be rejected. This thing has always been there but not objectively. 

These two ways are called poorna nisedh (all negation) and poorna vidheya (all acceptance).


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