Unstoppable Commitment Program


The clarity of doing what we say and saying what we do is a super power and we all want to have the super power but sometimes we don’t know how to access it. Do we need to carry the guilt of not being able to commit when we want to?

How long we are going to have this inner conflict of committing to something and not fulfilling it?

There is a way to bring the commitment that we have in some areas of our life to all the areas of our life. It all begins with understanding what is in our way

It is our minds!

The mind is sometimes unclear and even devious. It could literally take us hostage and sabotage our lives. It is as if the mind has cast a spell on us.

While the mind is devious, it also has an unstoppable power of commitment. Everyone deserves to experience this power. Everyone deserves to enjoy saying what they do and doing what they say, provided they know how to.

The Facilitator

I am Shoonyo and I help people by bringing their minds to clarity and operate from a space of Unstoppable Commitment. I am a business Intelligence Professional turned Self-discovery facilitator, an author, International speaker and founder of Shoonyo Foundation that over a decade has brought transformation in courageous souls from all over the globe and today I invite you too on this journey through Unstoppable Commitment Program….

Program Details

…. to harness the power of commitment in real life, I have designed this Unstoppable Commitment Program based on the principles from ancient Indian wisdom and modern western psychology. This experiential program will cut through the devious games of the mind and will help you to discover the inherent power of your commitment.

Date: To be announced soon

Timing: 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM

Medium: Zoom Call

Language: English

You will be able to receive:

1. Sessions for 5 days from the comfort of your home

2. 5 Days Whats-app and technical support from the team.

3. Live sharing sessions

4. Life time connection with Shoonyo Foundation

5. At the end of the program you will see yourself taking 10 times more action with the same energy.

Give yourself a

better future instead

of the devious mind

still ruling your life,

taking limited

actions and

gradually crippling

your confidence,

making you

compromise with

living a mediocre




· Move beyond intellect and discover who you are in essence.

· Learn how the spell and the tricks of the mind work.

·Find intimacy with the higher power and become unstoppable in your commitments.

· At the end of the course a life experience awaits you that is powered by commitments & clarity.

This digital journey with live zoom calls was born from 2 workshops conducted in 2016-17 where several professionals and people seeking to make a big leap in their lives attended this 2-day intensive for Rs 18000

Participants’ Testimonials