How fear of losing your self-image makes you suffer?

Story of losing self Image:

We start with a story; once upon a time, in Ireland, there was a funfair and the people who would run this fair would migrate from one place to another, based on where they need to go next, for the annual funfair for a particular Village. 


One of the play’s in this funfair was a maze. So people would pay and go into the Maze and they will find their way out. The peculiarity about the maze was that it was full of mirrors. Looking at the images would confuse the people, as to where the next exit was. It was a challenge. 


One fine day, when the dates for the next village had not come up yet, and it was leash time for the owners, members of this particular game had to go out shopping. So, they went out shopping. The entire setup was left alone with a few Watchmen to look after.A dog sneaked in, passing a watchman and entered the maze. Obviously, he couldn’t find the way out. This is where the experience of this dog begins. It later on confused many psychologists, it got them thinking about the similarity between the dog and humans. So, we’ll explore what happened with this dog. What happens to us in real life? As we go along with the story.

Empowering self-reflection: 'Self Image' quote by Shoonyo

This dog entered the Maze and found that, there were many more dogs there. They were actually reflections, but the dog didn’t know that these were reflections. He felt threatened by the presence of so many dogs around. Dogs are territorial animals just like human beings.The dog wanted its own space, wanted to drive others dogs away. The dog started using the tool that most animals use – fear, he was trying to scare the other dogs away by barking at them. 


The problem really started escalating then, because as the dog barked, there were multiple number of dogs barking back at him – of course it was his own reflections. Now, this dog started getting scared himself because there were so many dogs barking at him. We do the same thing. The moment we try to scare somebody else – it needs to be understood that we are really fearful within ourselves – without this fear within us, we wouldn’t want to attempt to scare others. So, we operate through this fear and then you want to push this fear into others, we want to throw this fear that we are uncomfortable with, on to others. As we try to scare them, the problem gets escalated, and we face many dogs barking back at us.

The dog had to do something more to scare them away, so, the dog started attacking these other dogs. In a few hours, the owners of this maze came back. They found this dog in a very pathetic situation. There was blood everywhere, the dog was bleeding, there were broken mirrors and so on. It was difficult to say if the dog will survive. 

It was a survival mechanism due to which the dog wanted to have its own space. That’s the difference with humans – when we act out of fear, our fear could be of psychological origin, instead of an actual survival threat.

But it changes our behavior.

However, the dog as well was in a very hurt state – not just physically, but the amount of fear that the dog gathered in its body-mind mechanism was immense. It caused a big-time damage to the dog. 

What happened later in the story is not important, but it is important for us to learn what happened with the dog in that moment. The dog was dealing with himself. There were no other dogs present.

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There was a clear conflict between the dog and its own image. 

That’s what happens to us as humans. We create different images, like we said, through different gunas, or tendencies, and then there’s a conflict between these images. That’s a constant fight that goes on within our psyche to balance one image with another, to reconcile the Second Amendment, the third one, to justify the behavioural changes.

Realizing that the conflict is within oneself is the way out.

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