The most mystical thing is that inner peace or happiness is within us

We've all been in the scenario where we believe that if we just get this one task/thing done, the rest of our lives will be peaceful and happy. Is this true?

Looking back on our lives, we've all been desperate for something and thought it would be the mystical solution. Things have moved from good exam grades, to a decent career, to having a beautiful relationship, to a great position, and a happy family, and we now have the question, "I have all of these things, but something is lacking." Despite owning a lot of stuff, we don't feel content.

The following are a few steps to achieving Inner peace:

1. Stop looking for inner peace or contentment in the wrong places:

  The reason we say, "I have everything but still feel contentment is missing" is that first, we seek contentment; second, we assume that all of the things we have accumulated, such as position, power, and relationships, can fill us with contentment. This mistaken belief that we may find inner peace in something outside of ourselves will keep us imprisoned in an endless cycle.

We make life harder for ourselves by believing that contentment can be found through the physical world. We have assigned ourselves a never-ending list of physical things, believing that they make us happy, and the list grows at every stage of life.

Mystical thing about inner peace
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2. Distinguish physical comfort from contentment.

The phrase "I have everything but something is lacking" leads us to the conclusion that we have been seeking contentment in physical things and have not been successful. Therefore, we should now break the link between physical things and contentment.

Physical objects and relationships bring us pleasure and comfort. This isn't to say that we should completely ignore physical objects, but what if contentment isn't dependent on them? Something associated with contentment, such as the belief that we may find contentment outside of ourselves, becomes an attachment that causes us to wander.

Even most of the spiritual process might become a barrier to contentment if we are attached to the process. If the seeker is seeking inside, there is a possibility of finding peace, but if the seeker is seeking in the material world, you will become trapped in things. There is no link between physical possessions and contentment. Enjoy the personal possessions as much as you want. Take pleasure in your work, in your automobile or on your bike trips. Take pleasure in your relationships, Make a mom happy but don't fool yourself into thinking that they will bring you inner happiness. When you realise that contentment lies within you, you will be able to enjoy the physical 100 times more than you do today.

3. Discover the Inner peace Within:

The first step you can take is to stop seeking contentment through physical things. This is a better space. There will be things in the physical world, but knowing that contentment is within leads you to detachment from physical objects. Though there is a seeking space within you, you are not looking for contentment in physical things. There is an urge to seek but yet not attach anything. You are now one step closer to contentment.

4. Mystical realization with contemplations

Now it’s time to contemplate important questions: Who is seeking? What is seeking? Slow down, sit with the questions. These questions cannot be answered through words. Do sit with question now with 10-15 minutes. Just be with the question.

You are going to end up with the realisation of a sense of contentment. The most mystical thing is that contentment is within us without even searching for it. What if you are already content and this itching of how I can get content leads us to non-contentment space.

Most people won’t get it the first time that "it’s the seeking which gets me out of being". Until and unless we realise that the seeking itself is taking me out of being. We keep seeking contentment. You will find that knowing and realising inner peace is within you will lead you to calmness. Even though your mind tends to go out in extremes situations or to extract pleasures from physical things, you are aware of the sense of contentment that breaks you free from 

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