How we hypnotise ourselves and cause chaos in our own life?  

Wanting to change others’ opinions is a sign of possessiveness. Beware of possessing the thoughts and opinions of your friends and wanting them to be in our favour.

Repetition is the method we use to hypnotize ourselves

Generally, we live in a hypnotic state. When we keep repeating a particular thought, we unknowingly set up a program in our mind. Repetition is the method we use to hypnotize ourselves. When we define a quality of ours and repeat it in our head, we are more likely to imbibe that quality. This is how we have managed to hypnotize ourselves, and we continuously live in a state of hypnosis.

What we think, what we see, what we speak, all of it creates a hallucination of life. Then we do not remain directly in touch with life. We are actually meeting life through this hallucination that we have created around ourselves. This hallucination or hypnosis could have been created over petty things or even big things.              
When the USA created a bank for the first time, the concept of money and the banking system got established. Soon, the European countries came to know about it.So, people started creating small banks in Europe as well, with the same concept &the same system. Like many others, one person created a bank in England. All he did was, put a label outside his house saying "This is a bank; you can deposit your money here." By then, newspapers and media channels had done enough publicity, people had heard about banking systems as well. People started coming and depositing money in this so-called bank.
What if we were already blissful and any doubt was fake?
On the first day, a few people came in, and a few pounds were deposited, and it continued. By day seven, the guy who started this bank felt encouraged enough to put his own money into this bank. All he did was hypnotized himself, saw that it works in the external world, saw people buying the idea and so he himself bought in the idea too. Soon, people started taking it as truth, and this was the way to live. The banking system has lasted for over a century.

Objective behind our hypnotising ourselves

 So, what do we do when we hypnotise ourselves? There must be some objective behind our hypnotising ourselves. It's essential to find out what this objective is. It could be any of the following few things, that happen around us.

1. Wanting power through dominance:

This domination could be anything from dominating a person who is selling vegetables, to dominating the road that we drive on by buying a bigger car, having a dominating space of yourself, achieving something big and dominating the world, or dominating a small instance, a small situation. So, gaining power through domination could be one way in which we hypnotize ourselves.Learn how to avoid this trap?

2. To earn wealth

To earn wealth without caring if it is coming through exploitation of others: we cannot be too careful, but there is a difference between, not caring at all about where the wealth is coming from,and ending up exploiting others in order to get wealthy very quickly,and hurting someone by mistake. So, getting wealth through exploitation could be the second.

3.Possessing in the name of Love:

We keep talking about love. We express our love to someone, but many times, it is nothing more than possession, wanting the person to be in our favor. It could be a person, a beloved or a friend. We want them to be in our favor. So, we want to possess the thoughts, the opinions, the thinking of the other person. Hence,so many arguments within friends, right? Whether it’s political or spiritual, religious arguments. So, we possess in the name of love.Possession can cause a great crisis.
Through these different ways in which we get into the world, we hypnotize ourselves, so that, we can grab hold of some possession, some dominance, some exploitation, or some wealth through it.

Most people remain hypnotised in a personal hallucination

 Everybody wants this. We end up justifying our deserve-ability, we feel righteous. Say, because we are more intelligent than other people, we have the right to say. But somehow the world will keep showing us that, no matter how righteous we feel, they want it too, and they are going to get their way around it.

They will find their way around it. Just because they are less intelligent doesn't mean they don't deserve it. That's the definition we have created—"because we are intelligent." Intelligence is one of the qualities we are considering here. So, say, if a person who is doing manual labor and doesn’t need to be very intelligent is shown down through the righteous attitude of others,they'll find their way too. They'll cut corners in their work or services. So,if they're constructing a road, they won't create a good quality road,so their services will be required again and we'll have to keep paying them.
They will find a way if we are not in a space of sharing with them. If we still want to exploit others, overpower them, of we don't care about the fact that we are exploiting or dominating others,then, they will find their way. They will turn against us. In the process, everybody loses. The environment is not healthy. If we don't share, things will be taken from us.

This is how most people remain hypnotised in a personal (and partly collective) hallucination and keep contributing to the chaotic world we live in.

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