Various Phases and aspects of Spiritual Awakening

This is a comprehensive guide to leading you on a lifetime journey that will bring clarity to your spiritual self and connect you with the universe or high energies through spiritual awakening through a true practical approach.

The Hindu, Jain, Christian, and Buddhist traditions all speak of spiritual awakening as achieving a state of pure consciousness. Ultimately, everything that compels you to "looking at your life from a more spiritual perspective" can lead to your awakening.

It is the act of realizing the reality and truth that endures when the physical body dwindles and vanishes.

Simply relax and read this article, a valuable guide to your journey toward the most intended spiritual awakening experience you could want to have for yourself.

Here are various phases and aspects that you're experiencing or about to begin a spiritual awakening:

0.1. The Quest for Ultimate Truth:

Have you ever wondered whether there is more to life than meets the eye? What is your life's purpose? These questions imply that you are embarking on a quest for the ultimate truth.

An individual who begins this quest may come to the realisation that they are no longer as entertained by the physical world as they previously were. It does not imply quitting one's career and moving to the mountains, but the quest for the ultimate truth makes us view nature differently as time passes.

At this point, you could desire to try meditation or read an excellent spiritual book to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of spirituality.

0.2. Let go of old tendencies in your mind and unconscious patterns:

Have you ever experienced a rhythm in your thoughts? Or has your subconscious ever gotten in the way and interfered with your ideas, leaving you empty or restless?  

The quest for ultimate truth

You are acting according to your unconscious patterns and inclinations, when you have already spoken or yelled at someone forcefully. And this is due to your thinking pattern, or, as it is known in Hinduism, the sanskaras influence on unconscious tendencies that cause us to lose our freedom. 

People succumb to the same unconscious tendencies and behave in the same repetitive ways, but we lose our ability to react or live as we may as potential human beings. Unconscious patterns limit our ability to be and cause us sorrow.

?During this stage, a person shifts his attention inward rather than externally. How does he or she work? What are his or her unconscious behaviors? What exactly are the things they are attached to? How does the mind work?

So how do we get rid of these unconscious patterns? 

Understand how they operate and how to get overcome them. We must first become conscious of the patterns to escape the buttons. You'll see a pattern if you observe how you behave by keeping track of your answers and reactions. Then you can adhere to some of the advice we provided in the blog.

0.3. Breaking the core beliefs:

What are our core beliefs

It is a deeper level of thought upon which our fundamental beliefs are founded. We hold particular opinions about the world, ourselves, and other people. In our opinion, some of these beliefs are governed by these essential ideas, and some are not so healthy in various contexts. 

Because these basic beliefs emerge from these core beliefs or are problematic, as we have some unconscious patterns and inclinations. We become more constrained and experience more misery in our lives as we allow unwholesome thoughts to dominate our minds more frequently. 

The core beliefs are complicated. And generally, if we begin to observe, what is the foundation or underlying presumption behind whatever we do, or if we start to observe the self-talk we have in our thoughts. 

Here is an article that will show you how to break your core beliefs and achieve inner awakening.

0.4. Mastery over Letting Go of Attachments

Mastery over letting go of attachments

There are numerous components to awakening, but many of them—indeed, most—deal with the idea of attachment and how to break free from it. What we hold dear as humans is that we develop attachments to various things, and those people's activities impact us and our good relationships. 

Our behaviour differs when we are not as connected to or attached to other people or things. We may use a mother as an example since it becomes challenging for the child to survive when the mother is adamant about how the youngster should act. However, if she lets go, if she maintains some distance and views the child's life as a distinct life, like a free life, she will be in a better position to support the child in what they want to do with their lives as opposed to being too concerned and suffering as a result. 

Richard, Gary, and Steve Jobs are also excellent examples of people who practiced Buddhism with attachment or detachment because they travelled to India and incorporated its key teachings into their daily lives.

0.5. The Art of Self Acceptance

What is accepting oneself? 

Acknowledging our needs, wants, how we are or how we have been conditioned to be without rejecting or blaming ourselves or giving into guilt is what it means to accept ourselves as we are.

 In general, we take a lot of effort into developing ourselves. Therefore, there is the effect aspect of self-acceptance, which can lead to developing ourselves according to how society wants us to be, without really looking at what we have and are made of. Therefore, our frustration grows if we try to better ourselves without acceptance. We seldom make progress, which increases our frustration. It may occasionally also be classified as a psychiatric ailment like anxiety, depression, hypertension, etc. 

Once we have learned the ability to accept ourselves, our personalities become very fluid, and it is simple for us to change and take on the shape we like. Jim Carey is a fantastic example of how self-acceptance may bring lightness into our lives amid a competitive showing-off society and how we can give away or throw away a load of war. By simply accepting where we are right now, we believe we are in the seed business at 100. 

How do we grow to accept ourselves? Oh, what a lovely way to calm down and build self acceptance as we slow down when we catch ourselves, get into guilt, blame ourselves for something, or use particular words in our thoughts about ourselves. We can start by simply saying, "This is how I am, or this is what I did," without passing judgment. This may then lead to more processing, adding a literal level, guidance about how to alter in any way, and point towards establishing a connection to mystical reality.

The art of self acceptance

0.6. Connecting with Mystical Reality

How does mystical reality work? 

The world we see with our bodies and minds is a physical reality, but other forces at work control it from a subtle place that we cannot see with our eyes or hear with our ears. And this, understated force in control, is a mystical reality. 

Experiencing a mysterious reality requires being able to see this beyond the sensations of the body and mind. We may observe how everything functions in perfect harmony when we can let go of our agenda and a little of our seriousness about life. 

We begin to believe in or have confidence in something invisible due to experiencing such glimpses or connecting with mystical reality. As it gets more straightforward for us to trust them, we stop clinging to the physical alone as unseen forces are helping to support us on our trip towards mystical reality.

0.7. Surrender Beyond Logic

We must surrender ourselves to our logical thinking, intellect, wants, and ego in this mystical reality and let it start operating through us to continue the journey once we have the glimpses of supernatural reality, which cannot be seen but can be subtly experienced or observed. 

We must be a little bit willing to yield in this situation. Therefore, a beckoning to mystical reality is all that it is. We must react by surrendering beyond logic and letting go of God's will or the will of supernatural reality.

0.8. Settling into Mystical Reality

The context of our world begins to change once we submit to the dictates of the mystical reality. The demands of the eyes start to lose their significance and become more like a mysterious quartet of stars directing us. 

We must allow ourselves to become fully incorporated into this universe’s will through this supernatural force for as long as we can. Now, one difficulty we may encounter in this situation is that the ego may manifest in subtle ways and still assert that you have achieved this goal since you begin to experience intuitions.

Settling into Mystical reality

On the long road to enlightenment, one could say that the actual "spiritual awakening" is merely the first step. In fact, the initial awakening may occur in a matter of seconds. You will experience distant visions and extrasensory perception differently as you work on your spiritual awakening. 

Be careful not to let the ego claim credit for such magical encounters. This will have the effect of reducing the amount of effort we make to live or battle through life. We then can sail like a log on a river, allowing the mystical reality of the universe, to guide us while we engage in these spiritual exercises.

Each person's path to spiritual enlightenment will be distinct. However, generally speaking, it begins with a bit of prodding, searching through books, watching particular films, and sometimes listening to other people, discussions, and disagreements. 

However, discovery keeps on and isn't always facilitated by these folks murmuring because these are relatively generic techniques. When some of these spiritual searchers take their awakening process, their quest, or their desire to learn more about who they are or what this mystical reality is, as they embark on a more profound journey. 

Such deeper trips typically call for connecting with a guide, a wise guy who can assist you with your unique journey, not with advice about gender but rather with whatever is as unforgettable as possible for you. Your personality, based on your tendencies and your life stage, needs to be unique. 

Spiritual awakenings are challenging, powerful, and absolutely life-altering—in the best way possible. They might not be simple, but with perseverance, trial and error, and some time, they will make your life better. All you need to do if you find yourself in one is trust the process, hold on, and get ready for a newly awakened life.

While many would agree that spiritual awakenings are well worth the effort, they may not always be straightforward. As a result, if you want to start your spiritual path right away, make room in your life for it and experience them through all our indicators for spiritual awakening. In addition, through Shoonyo find spiritually compatible individuals with whom you may communicate.

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