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The CEO coach for
Self-Actualising leaders.

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 Highly confidential space + trusted sounding board
= your path to clarity.

Warm Greetings!

Welcome to the world of my CEO coaching.


My first interactions with CEOs began in 2010 when I was working in London, in Business Intelligence. One of these interactions led to a statement by the CEO of a Telecom Giant in Europe. He said, “Mind is very simple, we make it complicated”. This is the exclamation I have endeavoured to bring to all of my CEO clients.


Later, through designing and running a series of Spiritual retreats and meditation workshops for another decade made it clear to me that spirituality could make coaching highly effective. I seamlessly transitioned into coaching CEOs on Practical Spirituality & Leadership.


I am an organisation expert. No matter what your domain expertise is, how to organise it into a cohesive effort and how to effectively lead such an organisation - is my expertise. At the heart of my coaching philosophy is an unwavering commitment to the growth and transformation of CEOs in a highly confidential environment.


Beyond my coaching role, I am an explorer at heart, delving into the richness of life through practical spirituality, martial arts, and travels. 

Best Regards,

Shoonyo Vishal

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