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Looking for the Obvious

Looking for the obvious book- Shoonyo


Three protagonists. Three paths. Three adventures. One journey. Looking for the Obvious explores the journey of mankind. It is an enchanting unfolding of three people from three wildly different paths colliding at one spiritual junction, one point in time in a universe of infinite possibility. The book gives people access to personal insight through vivid and imaginative storytelling

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Business Clients of Shoonyo Infinity Coaching
Business Clients of Shoonyo Infinity Coaching
Business Clients of Shoonyo Infinity Coaching


Business Success Story Kiran Webtrix Solutions

Shoonyo's Sessions has been a revelation for me. It has empowered me to lead my team with greater efficiency and instilled a sense of ownership within them. This alone has saved me 60% of wasted time on team management and firefighting.

Moreover, the sessions has introduced me to a bolder, fearless version of myself, enabling me to take decisive actions for business growth.

Business Success Story Jitendra Hindalco

This is coming from my heart. I have attended many sessions on leadership, behaviour, psychology etc. However, It’s a true reflection that this coaching will remain in my memory forever.

Lots of perspective has developed and changed about insp?iring Leadership, Coaching, Influencing and Friendship

Business Success Story Green Planet Nursery & Farm

“There’s a sense of being settled within, in the midst of all necessary actions that I have to take in this world. Sharing happens with simplicity. Sense of separation seems bleak and appears rarely."

Spiritual Sucess Story Nirmala Jhangiani

In a very crude language, if we consider human mind as a complex system, Shoonyo is a subject matter expert (SME). With experience & constant experiments with life he has acquired this skill where he can explain the most complex system(human mind) in simplest form possible.

He guides you & sets you free, & he never seek followers. He keeps you reminding where to look, what to observe & most importantly how to do it.

Spiritual Success Story Lobhas Pradhakar

A most pragmatic master with solutions for every problem, be it of a simple common man or the most distinguished personality. So come for yourself to experience how your mind and system functions through various beliefs, conditioning & perceptions.

These are clearly visible through his teachings & the way to the ultimate opens. The taste the nectar which is everyone’s birth right. See for yourself & live a beautiful enriched life.

Spiritual Success Story Pankaj S Jain

It was a life changing experience with Shoonyo. I attended the ‘from Beliefs to Freedom’ which gave me a better understanding of self.

It not only helped me to see myself but also to see how mind plays a major role behind everything. BTF is an opportunity for us towards our inner journey.