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Self-Actualise as a CEO

I work closely with individual CEOs who are driven to actualise their leadership potential. This is CEO Coaching at its finest—tailored, focused, and committed to unlocking your leadership potential.

High-performance CEOs, burdened by the pressure of success, know the pain of isolation. The environment of customer threats, board pressure, and leadership demands, leave little room for vulnerability.


Every decision is critical and can bring success or collapse, yet there's nowhere to vent the frustration, the fear, the sheer exhaustion.


 Potential - Interference = Actual Performance

Your inherent potential for extraordinary success is evident, yet there are blind spots hindering your path. Those nagging doubts, the "should-get-to-it-later" tasks, the unspoken anxieties – these are the Interferences silently draining your impact.

While average CEOs may overlook them, great CEOs confront and overcome these challenges. This is where CEO coaching proves invaluable. It's not about hand-holding, it's about shining a light on those hidden "Interferences" messing with your performance.

The CEO's Accountability Paradox

Let's face the harsh reality: Every moment you spend giving in to the temptation of taking on various roles steals valuable time from your responsibilities as a CEO, putting the company's growth at risk. A great CEO is expected to lead, but there is a clear lack of CEO's accountability. Even the board holds you responsible but is not accountable. I hold you accountable for staying fully committed to your role as CEO.

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 Introducing Shoonyo® CEO coaching

The western paradigm of leadership does not recognise the individual beyond the intellect, the unique make of the individual. Most models are based on behaviour and character. Shoonyo® CEO coaching model has two aspects :

Shoonyo Way of Being 

The "Shoonyo way of being" is a state of mind characterised by neutrality and unwavering focus in the face of changing circumstances, what Bhagavad Gita calls 'Stithpragya', and Zen calls 'state of equanimity.

Shoonyo beingness offers a clear space for you to navigate the complexity of market volatility, competition aggression, Strategic Clarity with a clear state of mind which yields effective results.

Shoonyo Way of Leading

The "Shoonyo way of leading" aligns closely with the Bhagavad Gita's Akarta (meaning "action without attachment"). It refers to a leadership style that transcends personality traits and operates from a state of emptiness.

Shoonyo leadership surfaces and releases your blindspots and empowers decisive action; it cuts through your hesitations and fears, tackles tough situations with resolute action, and paves the way for progress.

Let’s Work Together

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Who is this coaching for?

If you are a high-performing CEO on the path to becoming an industry leader, and seeking to enhance your clarity, results, and freedom, then this is tailored for you.

It’s a structured coaching program crafted to optimise your time. Don’t worry, you get to try it out so we can both assess if it’s a great fit.

Actualise your leadership potential, make that shift in yourself, or risk being the bottleneck to your team's potential

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