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We are dedicated to bringing the essence of spirituality into practical application, empowering individuals to flourish and express themselves to the fullest, creating a transformative influence in the realm of leadership.

Our Story

In the quiet corridors of spiritual wisdom, the seeds of Shoonyo® CEO Coaching were sown in 2010, London. Guided by the profound teachings of spiritual luminaries such as J. Krishna Murthy, Osho, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Ramana Maharishi, Shoonyo® CEO Coaching emerged as a synthesis of ancient wisdom and contemporary leadership principles. 

Drawing inspiration from timeless wisdom, Shoonyo® CEO Coaching  weaves a unique tapestry of leadership coaching that transcends borders. The lineage extended to the shores of the United States, where coaching experts and UK leaders collaborated, merging their diverse perspectives and methodologies.

The transformative journey involves not only imparting theoretical knowledge but also providing a profound experience that brings shifts to the very core of leaders. The teachings, rooted in spirituality, were crafted to offer more than just glimpses of intelligence fulfilment; they aimed for the complete transformation of leaders.

Meet the Founder

I am Shoonyo Vishal, widely recognised as Shoonyo, an architect in the art of leadership. At the heart of my coaching philosophy lies a commitment to the growth and evolution of CEOs who are steering the business world towards new horizons.

My role as a CEO coach is to empower CEOs with the clarity, leadership presence, and equanimous mindset needed to thrive in today’s fast-paced business environment. I offer a sanctuary of growth where leadership is not just developed but profoundly transformed.

With a personalised approach, I guide CEOs to self actualise themselves, express their vision with precision, and lead with a balance of power and empathy, ensuring they impact both profits and people.

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